quick-frozen dumplings

Issuing time:2017-12-18 13:44

Frozen dumpling is a kind of food that can be eaten at any time. Jiaozi is a traditional special food which is popular with the Chinese han people and is the annual festival food. According to legend, it was first invented by zhang zhongjing, a medical doctor in nanyang, henan province, China, and many provinces and cities in China also have the habit of eating jiaozi.

Raw materials, auxiliary materials, water preparation, dough, dumpling filling system, package system, whole type, quick freeze, bag, weighing, packaging, cold refrigeration.

From raw materials to products, frozen food to keep food, so the dumplings in the process of production and processing to keep the stability of the working environment temperature, usually at around 10 ℃ is more appropriate.

The dumpling filling ingredients should be fine, the measurement should be accurate, the agitation should be even. According to the quality of raw materials, fat ratio and ambient temperature control the filling of dumpling filling. Usually the weight of the meat is better than that of control at 2:8 or 3:7. Add water: fresh meat > frozen meat > repeatedly freeze-thaw meat; Fourth meat > no. 2 meat > fat; When the temperature is high the water content is less than the temperature. In about 2 ℃ high temperature in summer must also add some cold water to mix filling, in order to reduce the dumpling stuffing temperature, to prevent its deterioration and improve its water. To wring filling water must after add seasoning (namely the first salt, gourmet powder, ginger, etc., after adding water), otherwise, condiment not easily penetrate the liquor, and stir not sticky when mixing, moisture absorption, made of ground filling not fresh flavor. After adding water, the stirring time must be sufficient to make the filling uniform and thick, and make the dumpling products full and full. If you don't fully mixing, filling juice, easy separation, easy appear when dumplings forming inclusion is lax, horn, fissure, SAP flow phenomenon, go after make dumplings boiled oil, filling leakage, wear, etc. Bad phenomenon. If it's meat dumplings, add boiled water to the meat, then mix it with dried water and mix well.

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