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The scrolls are similar to steamed buns and steamed buns. It is an ancient Chinese dish, a classic staple food, which can be made into a variety of flavors such as pretzel, sesame paste and spring onion oil. It is rich in nutrition, delicious in taste and simple in practice. Roll the dough into a half ball and then steam it. In The Three Kingdoms period, zhuge liang, the prime minister of shu state, attacked the south barbarian. When zhuge liang's teacher returned, he had to go through lushui. When the army horse and horses were ready to cross the river, a sudden gust of wind, wave struck a thousand feet, and the Wolf howled, the army could not cross the river. At this time zhuge liang summoned meng for the reason. It turned out that the two armies were at war, and the soldiers were unable to return to their families to reunite with their families. In order to cross the river, a great army must be sacrificed to the river with the heads of 49 barbarians. Zhuge liang thought: the two armies engaged in the war and casualties, can kill 49 more lives? When he thought of it, he gave birth to a plan to kill the cook with the flesh of the black cattle and white sheep, and to squeeze out 49 heads. Then, Chen set incense, sprinkle wine festival river. From then on, in the folk from "steamed bread", zhuge liang was also revered as the ancestor of dough figurines. LangYing of Ming dynasty in its notes "seven class repaired draft" records: "steamed bread name pretty head, pretty to head the gods, the various ge meng huo of meat for the man's head to the life with bread, is pretty head, this correct for steamed bread also." Zhuge liang's original steamed buns, after all, are stuffed with beef and mutton, which are complex and expensive. Thus, the posterity will make the filling procedure leave out, became steamed bread. And there is the filling, which is the bun, which has a lot of pleats like flowers, named "flower roll"

Dough: 1 material in the bowl. Add 2 ingredients and knead into soft dough. Knead dough, you can apply some corn oil to your hands. Keep warm in a warm place until the dough is twice as large. Divide the dough into two pieces, each of which is about half a centimetre thick (as little as possible) and spread a thin layer of corn oil on top of a 3/4 teaspoon of salt. A thin sheet of dough rolled into a tube (such a roll has a level), cut one knife every five centimeters. Slightly longer, slightly longer, pinch the ends into a twist. Place the roll on a layer of paper towel and place it in the oven for 40 minutes. The wake of the roll is put in a wet steamer with cold water. Heat up the stove, wait until the steam rises, then steam it for 14 minutes, then steam it for 2 minutes, and then steam it for another minute. Wait 2 minutes after the fire.

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