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Product introduction
    Tianjin Fei-Tian FROZEN FOOD CO.,LTD is a private enterprise of registered capital RMB ¥5500000,Through exclusive investment which is mainly producing and processing FROZEN FOOD products for exporting purpose .The total coverage of Fei-Tian company is 9880 square meters and among which a 4960 square meters is for building .FeiTian comany Was located in the cross of the Freeway from BeiJing-Shenyang city and Bao-pin Road ,in which Tianjin Bao-Di Economy Devellopment area.It is situated near the BoHai new region .Herafter we have to say ,this place should be richly endowed by nature and convenient in modern traffic ,communication,system as well.     In line with developing tendency of international food industry ,a modern multi-functional production system was completely built up since then which has been pissessed essential hardware of equipment and facilities,especially purified air-condition system yearly capacity output 1500Mtons,with proportional quick freezing room and coldstorage 300 mtons.Meanwhile,Wewere also organized a professional workers team,particularly headed by laboratory quality system,though its controlling of supervising can be guaranteed quality and sacurity of our products.    So far our products have been exported West European countries,USA,Japan and Hong KONG area and had a favourable reception,since then .    Henceforth ,our Fei-tian company will whileheartedly welcome all friends of worldwide depending on the principle peocessing with supplied materials and sample,E.T.C.Trading intercause.
Brand characteristics

   Select the world's raw materials,      adopt the most pure

The process and the most stringent quality assurance system
Customized franchise plan

        You can do it for life

  Own a daily hot shop
High quality raw materials
Brand influence
Guarantee = make it easy for you to achieve your dreams
Artists who create the art form of gourmet food - material base + spiritual height Diet is no longer limited to food and clothing And up to the height of Art Making the meal a perfect attraction It is good to hear or see art but could not bear to eat with chopsticks Sent to the entrance, chewing mellow aftertaste for a long time in between It is really a culinary arts do reach the peak of perfection of the situation
No.7, tianbao industrial park, baodi district, tianjin
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